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5 oz

Kimchi Hot Sauce

Using mostly medium red hot peppers (cayenne, cherry peppers, serranos and fresnos) and more habaneros than seemed sensible, Beki from VFA created a balance that can vary between HOTTTT and medium-hot for her heat-loving fans.

Vermont Fermentation Adventure's Spicy Kimchi Brine (extracts of napa cabbage, carrots, daikon, turnips, onions, Celtic Sea Salt®, cilantro, garlic, ginger, Korean red pepper, paprika and bay leaves), hot peppers (fresno, cayenne, cherry bomb, and/or serrano), garlic, habaneros, organic cilantro, VT maple syrup, organic lime, Celtic Sea Salt® and love *certified organic ingredient
Storage Tips

This live raw traditionally fermented food should be refrigerated after purchase where it will keep for months.

Vermont Fermentation Adventures, Moretown, VT

Have you been hearing about the health benefits of fermented foods but not yet found one that you love? Are you a fermentation fanatic and trying to add more live cultures to your meals? Either way, Vermont Fermentation Adventures' Kimchi Hot Sauce might be just what you are looking for. This raw and fermented hot sauce starts with VFA's always vegan, grain free and sugar free Spicy Kimchi Brine as a base. Into that wonderful broth, Beki adds a bunch of red hot peppers—the varieties change throughout the year— an avalanche of garlic and several healthy handfuls of habaneros. To balance the heat and flavor, she sprinkles in some fresh squeezed organic lime juice, Vermont maple syrup and a dash of salt. This beautiful fermentation extravaganza cultures for several days, then gets blended, bottled and shipped to you. It ranges from medium to quite hot, depending on the heat of the hot peppers. The first batch going out to Farmers to You partner families is made with fresno and cherry bomb hot peppers and is medium in terms of spiciness. Use it on peanut noodles, frittatas, pizza or burgers—anywhere you want to bring some delightful heat, flavor and probiotics. Enjoy!

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