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Spicy Peach & Bulgarian Pepper Honey Jam

Situated in the jammy place between a chutney, bbq mop, and hot sauce this super versatile preserve is perfect for juicy grilled cheese sandwiches, pairing with smoked meats, cream cheese and crackers or pulled pork. Spritzed with fresh lime juice and zest juice for acidity, this jam also becomes a chutney for pots of daal and winter legume stews and soups.

Peaches, tomatoes, honey, lime juice, Bulgarian carrot peppers, lemon juice, lime zest.
Storage Tips

Refrigerate after opening.

V Smiley Preserves, New Haven, VT

Honey sweetened preserves made without the use of added pectin allows the texture and "temperament" of each fruit to shine through, yielding a range from soft to firm preserves. V Smiley Preserves are made in wide copper jam pans from hand cut fruit. One pot of jam produces 6-10 jars of preserves and some batches take up to 3 days to produce! Each finished jar of preserves contains about 1 lb. of fruit!

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