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Grass Fed Lamb Rib Chops

These rib chops are cut from the rack of lamb. They are small in size but very big on flavor. Lamb is graded on the basis of fat cap, and rib chops tend to have more fat than other cuts, resulting in incredible flavor and quick cooking. Each package contains 2 chops.

Storage Tips

Enjoy within 5 days or freeze for later use.

Tamarack VT Sheep Farm, Corinth, VT

Ben and Grace are committed to their Tunis sheep. They graze exclusively on grass, and are outside on pasture most of their lives. They are healthy and strong animals content to be eating what sheep like most – lush grass all day long! They are also like family – Ben inherited the flock from his great uncle and it is one of the oldest continuously tended Tunis flocks in the country.
We are very lucky to have this lamb from Ben and Grace. They only have three customers including Farmers To You, and the other two are well known restaurants in Cambridge and Vermont. This is easily the best tasting lamb I’ve ever had, but don’t take my work for it – give it a try for your next special occasion, or when dear friends come to visit.

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