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2.4 lbs

Organic Rye Flour

2.4 lbs

The flavor of this rye flour adds depth, and is sweet and earthy.

Storage Tips

Store in a cool, dark, dry place.
While Maine Grains places a best by date on the packaging, the product will last for a lot longer if stored in a cool dark environment (freezer is best).

Maine Grains, Skowhegan, ME

Rye is a winter hardy cereal grain and an excellent rotation crop for organic farms. The traditional breads made from rye flour such as pumpernickel, vollkornbrot, and crisp breads are all staple foods in Northern and Eastern Europe. Rye is low in gluten and rich in fiber and nutrition.
Maine Grains mission is to cultivate and deliver exceptional organic stone ground grains, which are locally grown and sourced. Through a unique stone-milling process, they are able to preserve nutritional content and improve the performance of their flour for natural fermentation baking.
Additionally, their principle foundation is that Maine Grains will provide a strong, positive community impact by creating jobs, improving land utilization, focusing on a holistic food chain, enabling farm-to-table benefits and serving as a successful model of local economic growth.
Certified Organic


January 9, 2016 by

I love baking with Rye. I need to have active sourdough starter to get the most excited about baking with rye, but considering how easy it is to keep some going in the fridge, I try not to let myself off the hook. Here's why:

1. Lactic acid is good for you, and it helps break down the P_____ stuff in rye flour that makes it harder to bake with
2. The Sour-Sweet flavor combo is unbeatable
3. If you're into carefully timed fermentation for maximum loft the Detmolder (3 stage german rising process) is a bread bakers dream.
4. a dense loaf, fully baked, can still be sliced thin.
5. Caraway isn't needed with good rye flour and extended fermentation (8-12 hrs of pre-ferment, 2-4 of bulk/proofing), and you can always add other spices... Pepper! Coriander! Nutmeg! etc.