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Firecracker Hot Sauce

Are you curious about the health benefits of live cultured foods but not so sure about sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha? Perhaps give fermented hot sauces a try! Loaded with flavor, Firecracker Hot Sauce has a nice touch of heat—this batch is mild+ or gently medium— and a nice garlicky flavor. The raw ingredients are fermented in VFA's Firecracker Kraut Brine, and when everything is just right, it's blended and packaged. Enjoy this zippy, life affirming condiment on eggs, fried rice or your favorite quesadilla.

Firecracker Kraut Brine (extracts of fermented green cabbage, jalapeños, garlic, Celtic Sea Salt®, horseradish, red chili peppers, and habaneros), organic jalapeños, organic garlic, organic cilantro, Celtic Sea Salt®
Storage Tips

This live raw traditionally fermented food should be refrigerated after purchase where it will keep for months.

Vermont Fermentation Adventures, Moretown, VT

Have you been hearing about the health benefits of fermented foods but not yet found one that you love? Are you a fermentation fanatic and trying to add more live cultures to your meals? Either way, Vermont Fermentation Adventures' Hot Sauce might be just what you are looking for. This raw and fermented hot sauce starts with VFA's always vegan, grain free and sugar free Firecracker Brine as a base. Into that wonderful broth, Beki adds a bunch of red hot peppers—the varieties change throughout the year— an avalanche of garlic and several healthy handfuls of habaneros. This beautiful fermentation extravaganza cultures for several days, then gets blended, bottled and shipped to you. Enjoy!

Good stuff
June 24, 2023 by

With a new hot sauce, it’s important to figure out what it’s good on. This stuff is killer on cheese tamales. Coming back for my second bottle. The packaging is a bit awkward - the sauce can get stuck in the bottle’s neck. A simple jar would work better.