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Ungraded GMO Free Eggs


These fresh eggs have dark golden yolks that stand up high and whites that stay together when poached or fried. Outstanding flavor and a wonderful addition to baked goods. These hens are raised on pasture and are fed GMO free grain. GMO free grain is slightly more expensive than conventional grain, which is reflected in the price of the eggs.
Our Current Suppliers: Maple Wind Farm and Pigasus Meats

Storage Tips

Store in the refrigerator.

Our Farms, Middlesex, VT

These eggs are laid by hens who spend their days outside digging and scratching for a good part of their sustenance. Besides what they forage on pasture, these hens also receive grain that is GMO free. While these eggs are not certified organic, they are fed GMO free grain. These hens receive no synthetic supplements or medicated feed, and they forage outside all year long.

Golden-yolked goodness
December 11, 2022 by

Absolutely delicious eggs, great for boiling, always with marigold golden yolks! A staple in my weekly order.

Ungraded means choice !
October 31, 2022 by

I love the ungraded eggs, not just because they are delicious, but because I can take a smaller one for breakfast on calmer days and a bigger one when the to-do list is arduous. Thank you to Black Dirt Farm and others who provide various sized eggs.