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gluten free doas batter vermont made
28 oz

Dosa Batter

28 oz

Dosa batter is a stone-ground, ready-to-pour pancake, waffle, and crepe batter. It’s gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and fermented: an all-natural recipe that people have been enjoying for centuries. While we consider dosa waffles with butter and syrup the “gateway” dosa, try one with potatoes, chicken, spinach and cheese, or whatever you have on hand. Dosa batter keeps refrigerated for several weeks; any portion you aren’t using refreezes perfectly.

Water, white rice, urad dal, lentils, chana dal, sea salt, fenugreek seeds.
Storage Tips

Keeps in the fridge for 28 days; unused portions can be frozen for later use.

Dosa Kitchen, Brattleboro, VT

To make dosa batter, rice and lentils are soaked for several hours, ground with a stone grinder, and fermented at 90 degrees for a few more hours. The result is a batter with seductively sour taste that makes airy, crisp crepes or waffles, stack pancakes, and wraps. The fermentation process makes the rice and lentils more digestible, and some people who typically aren't able to digest these foods report that dosa energizes them. Our ancestors fermented their grains and legumes, and in recent years a whole movement has sprouted up to bring back such practices. A dosa tends to be easier to digest than a bowl of rice and lentils, particularly if neither has been soaked before cooking.
For a dosa-making tutorial, click here.

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