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Awake Coffee Dark Star Organic Coffee

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A robust whole bean french roast, for those who like a dark roast. Thisblend features high elevation organic beans roasted to a deep chocolate brown. Well-balanced, with a slight caramel flavor, this is a smooth and delicious dark coffee.

This is a bag of whole beans. Grind immediately before brewing for optimal flavor.

12 oz

Storage Tips
Keep in a closed bag and enjoy within 1-2 weeks time.

Awake Coffee, Warren, VT

Dark Star is a blend of fairly traded coffees from Sumatra, Mexico, Nicaragua or Honduras. 12 oz. bags are vacuum-packed for maximum freshness and resealable. Certified Organic Fair Trade


May 27, 2017 by

This dark roast certainly delivers on its name, but avoids the burnt charred taste you get with Starbucks (bleh). Compared to the former dark roast from Bohemian Coffee (which used to be our favorite), we think it is a tad less dark roasted, so consequently, Dark Star has a bit more flavor. (But of the 3 Awake roasts, my husband still likes the morning blend Hang Loose the best. It's worth trying all three!)

March 20, 2017 by

Wow I hope it is amazing because it literally ill over the loss of #7. Not to mention this is significantly more expensive %33.