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maple smoked cheddar made in vermont

Grafton Village Cheese Company Maple Smoked Cheddar Cheese

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Unpasteurized Cow Milk Smoked Maple Cheddar from sustainable VT farms. Cold-smoked over smoldering hardwood/maple woodfor 3 hours. Rich and smooth, with a sweet finish. Very meltable, a versatile cheese for any use.

unpasteurized milk, salt, cultures, enzymes (vegetable rennet).

8 oz

Storage Tips

Store in the refrigerator, preferably in the veggie crisper! Once opened, re-wrap cheese in waxed paper and seal in a plastic bag. Cheese should keep for a couple of weeks after opening, but if mold forms simply cut it off.

Grafton Village Cheese Company, Brattleboro, VT

A New England classic. This young cheddar is cold-smoked over maple and hardwood for up to four hours, imparting the signature aroma and satisfying flavor of this classic cheese.
Grafton's Maple Smoked Cheddar has a mild, buttery body with heady aromas of campfire and smoked ham. A sweet finish recalls memories of toasted marshmallows.
This is a versatile cheese that can occupy nearly any culinary slot. Pair with dried apricots, pickled ramps, and cured meats for a cheese board. Maple Smoked Cheddar is a natural pairing with mustard and can add depth to a ham sandwich; melts superbly in any heated preparation.


June 26, 2020 by

This is delicious! It goes great with the mesquite biltong that I have right now and I'm sure it would be great with any cured meats. It really adds a depth of flavor to everything.