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appx. 5 oz

Bourbon & Uncured Bacon Salami

appx. 5 oz

Fermented and dry cured, this salami is then seasoned with bourbon and maple syrup, resulting in a complex and delicious treat.

Pork, uncured bacon, salt, bourbon, maple syrup, orange zest, pink peppercorn, nutmeg, clove, celery powder, turbinado sugar, garlic, water, lactic acid starter culture
Storage Tips

Salami can be kept at room temperature, but we recommend wrapping it in its packaging and keeping it refrigerated.
White and/or blue-green mold on the casing is part of the culture (similar to the mold found on cheese),and can be peeled off before eating.

Singing Pastures Farm, Damariscotta, ME

The pork is humanely and sustainably raised in Maine by John and Holly Arbuckle and the salami is made and cured in Vermont by Vermont Salumi.
You may notice naturally occuring blooms of mold on the casing of the salami. As part of the curing process, salamis are inoculated with specific cultures that are beneficial to the aging and flavor development of salami. This mold is harmless, and a key component of the dry cure process.
Dry salami can have both white mold (penicillium nalgiovense) and blue/green mold (penicillium glaucum), similar to the mold found on cheese. Nalgiovense provides a mushroom like flavor and glaucum comes across more nutty. Depending on storage conditions mold may change in color.

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