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1 bundle

Bounty Bag

1 bundle

Our Bounty Bag has a selection of locally grown produce by some of Vermont's best farmers that changes weekly as the seasons and availability change.

If you are an adventurous person, someone who has a hard time making up their mind, or someone who trusts that whatever we send will be of top quality then this is the item for you.

There is at least $55 worth of fresh produce in each bag for the cost of $50.

A curated selection of local seasonal produce grown by Vermont Farmers
Storage Tips

keep refrigerated

Our Farms, Middlesex, VT

Some items you might receive in the Bounty Bag are fresh herbs, mushrooms, kale, cherry tomatoes, spinach or lettuce mixes, as well as seasonal and short season items like corn, berries, apples, asparagus and peas. The variety will change based on what the farmers have available to us that week.

This is similar to a CSA in the sense that the items are picked for you, but not in the way that you are signing up for a whole season or supporting one singular farm.

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