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bacon pork sausage in cast iron skillet

Snug Valley Farm Bacon Sausage

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The bacon sausage utilizes ground bacon ends to provide a delicious bacon flavored sausage. Great on the grill or in the fry pan. It has a unique flavor that provides an out of the box eating experience.

pork, bacon (salt, maple sugar, sodium nitrate, natural smoke), salt, thyme, nutmeg, ginger, cayenne, natural casing

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Keep Frozen or Refrigerated.

Snug Valley Farm, E. Hardwick, VT

Erika of Babette's Table makes this sausage for Snug Valley Farm, our pork supplier in Hardwick, Vermont. Ben at Snug Valley raises his pigs outdoors on pasture supplemented with grain and whey. This makes for very flavorful and nicely textured meat.

good in potato soup
December 12, 2022 by

I used slices of this sausage instead of regular bacon in my potato/bacon/leek soup and it was really good!