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The Method: Dosa

If you've never had a dosa, you are in for a treat. A crispy, tasty envelope for delivering flavor to your mouth.
Stir your dosa batter to make sure it has fully defrosted and is nice and smooth.
Heat a skillet on medium high. A pan with short sides, like a crepe pan, is ideal, but a regular cast iron skillet works fine, too.
Smooth a tiny amount of sunflower oil onto the hot skillet, or pour a little on and wipe with a cloth to remove any excess.
Pour some batter into the middle of your skillet and use the bottom of a ladle to smooth and spread out the batter, using a circular motion and moving the batter to the outer edges of the pan.
It needs to be a VERY thin layer (otherwise you will have a chewy dosa rather than a crispy one).
When bubbles start to appear, use a bottle with a dispenser or a squeeze bottle to zig-zag some oil onto the surface of the pancake.
Loosen the edges with a thin silicon or metal spatula.
Cook until the dosa is golden and crispy, then fold and remove from the pan.
Repeat every step for each dosa to prevent sticking.

Better-than-takeout 5 ingredient dinner:
Roughly chop and boil some fingerling potatoes.
Heat some oil in a pan, and add 1T of turmeric spice blend to the oil.
When the potatoes are fork tender, drain and add to the pan.
Add some salt and let them cook in the spice blend for a few minutes.
Serve your dosa with some warmed sambar, the potatoes, and a drizzle of Mysore chutney for an incredible meal.
For a great video tutorial, check out Dosa Kitchen's website: click here.