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The Method: BBQ Beef Ribs

Beef baby back ribs take a little more care than pork ribs, but follow these steps to achieve the mouthwatering aroma and concentrated flavor of the perfect summer BBQ. 
Start by peeling the thin membrane from the bone side your ribs. This membrane stands between you and flavorful, tender meat, so get rid of it. Trim off any excess fat at the same time.
Prepare your dry rub (mix your own  or use a jar of BBQ blend from Old Friends Farm) and season the meat generously, making sure you press the rub into the meat.
Brush on your BBQ sauce (try one using fresh tomatoes or ketchup) and then put your ribs into the fridge for at least 3 hours.
When the ribs are ready to cook, make sure your grill is at around 250 degrees.
Cook the ribs for 2 hours, turning them every 20 minutes or so.
Baste them with more BBQ sauce for the last 15 minutes.
You know your ribs are cooked to perfection when you can use a tong to twist the middle rib and it comes loose immiediately. A meat thermometer reading of 200 is another way to check.