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A Gift for Skeptics

May 5, 2017
Greg Georgaklis

Have you noticed how hard it is to convince anyone to do something new these days? You should try to convince a farmer to try something new – phew! Well actually we farmers love to try new things – but only if we are darn sure they will improve our lives, save time, and produce much better food.  Complete skeptics.

The truth is, we almost all need to have either a very positive experience or a real disaster to give us the incentive to try something new. I know because I am that way.

So this week, we decided to help a bit by putting a gift in your bag that you can simply give to someone who has been kind-of, sort-of on the fence about changing the way they source their food. Just go ahead and tell them that it is worth $35 of the same amazing food you love. We do not want this to be a burden to you – we want to be able to offer this to you at certain times of the year and ask you to have fun with it. Spreading the wealth and food so to speak.

So no obligation to speak eloquently about how important creating this regional food system is to you, or that knowing who is growing your food is critical to your families’ health, or that keeping your dollars local returns justice and control to our local economies. You can if it moves you, or you can just quietly give someone the gift of good food. The food does most of the talking all by itself… yum!

Thanks to all of you for the efforts you have made to date. I have been so touched personally. And the number of families I have seen over these last few weeks who have been with us since nearly the beginning is especially inspiring. Thank you for being a part of our community!

With real gratitude and appreciation for all your partnership and community support –