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Thank You For Sharing!

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January 15, 2021
Greg Georgaklis

Every year we at Farmers To You get amazing holiday and new year cards from you, our families. Some might think this a rather mundane effort, but to receive these cards makes my heart swell with pride and joy. I feel this especially in reading the messages from our founding families. For some of you, I have watched your children come into this world and for the last ten years grow healthy and strong. We may not live in the same community, but there is something about feeding people that has always inspired and nourished me.  

You help me put all this work into perspective. This community of families and farmers has helped to create our future: one of healthy, strong and connected agents of change. This gives me immense hope that our collective future will be so much better and brighter. I don’t think I could ever ask for more from my work.

Building a brighter future with ease and grace takes, among other things, nourishment in body and soul. Perhaps that comes from knowing where one’s food, water and shelter come from, and the people who make it possible. 

Thank you!