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April 17, 2020
Greg Georgaklis

Dear Farmers To You community,

I’m not afraid to share with you that this past month has tested our resolve. We have quickly adapted to the changed landscape that COVID-19 brought with it. Ah, but my training as a farmer has come in handy. 

If you think about it, farmers are the eternal optimists. We must be. Each year we start from the beginning, with our seeds in the soil, and our harvest depends on forces completely out of our control – like the weather.  

In this same way, at Farmers To You, we are optimistically maintaining our mission to provide you with high quality food from family farmers in an uncertain time. We also know that we are dependent on our staff, the farmers, the site hosts, and our customers and friends. What has become crystal clear to me, is that this food partnership we call Farmers To You, is something we ALL contribute to. 

These past few weeks, to meet the demand, we have leased new trucks, hired and trained staff, and fortified our packing and delivery systems. We are now looking for a larger facility to meet our customer needs. 

I want to offer my sincere gratitude to our customers, staff and friends who have provided their trust and patience as we navigate the demand for food, in a time that requires extra caution and COVID-19 protocols.

I am so proud of our team in Vermont and in Boston for their display of competence and grace under stress. I am proud of our customers for bravely going out to get their orders and for their commitment to local, healthy food. Some of you receiving this letter are on our waiting list and we can’t wait to be able to feed you. 

As farmers, we inherently believe we can overcome challenges that get in the way of getting food from our farms to your tables. In a funny way, I wish I could crown each of you as farmers (as though farmers wear crowns), because your resilience in this difficult time is farmer worthy. 

Keep your face to the sun. This storm will pass. 

Greg and the team at Farmers To You


Photo by Jonathan Hanna on Unsplash