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No More Mystery Meat!

April 21, 2017
Greg Georgaklis

I was on my beautiful short commute this past Monday morning from Calais Vermont to Berlin – when this phrase popped into my head from the distant past … Mystery Meat! I started laughing because I had just been preoccupied in thought about what I would write about this week, and kept thinking how strange it is now that we do not know where most all of our food really comes from.

So let me explain for those of you who have never experienced Mystery Meat! I may be dating myself a bit here – but do you remember back in high school or grade school in the cafeteria when there often seemed to be a selection for lunch that defied identification? At our school we just called it Mystery Meat. It was brown, covered in some kind of sauce, very dry despite the sauce, and always very salty and chewy. I remember always having a moment of trepidation and doubt about whether I should eat it. Hunger usually won out. The reason I started laughing is because I suddenly realized that most all of our food now has become Mystery Meat. We don’t know who produced it, how it was produced, and if it has been processed – what makes it up. Even the fact that a lot of it is called food… I was behind a Frito Lay Truck (makers of Doritos and other such stuff) yesterday afternoon and again started laughing as I read their tag line below their logo on the truck – “good food for the fun of it.” Food? Really?

No wonder we are confused.

So next time you look down at your plate – see how much of it is Mystery Food.

And when you are sharing with friends about why you are partnered with Farmers To You – you can simply tell them – I am done with Mystery Food! It’s important to me and it tastes so much better.