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Listening and Learning

June 5, 2020
Greg Georgaklis

As the events of the last week have unfolded, we are at a loss for the perfect words to meet this human rights tragedy. We also know that we cannot be silent.

While we are a company of mostly white privileged employees, we understand that there are assumptions, practices, and policies that are keeping racism intact.

We are committed to listening, learning, and then acting, with humility.  We will not let discomfort prevent us from supporting change to break down structural racism to build a world that respects and values all human life as equal.

Our hearts are broken, and we are infuriated by the recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, and acts of racism and disregard for humanity against countless others.  

Acts of racism, violence, and persistent injustice is in direct conflict with a healthier food system where people and our planet thrive. It is not possible to have a healthy planet with healthy people when the very fabric of our communities is continually harmed and threatened.

We are humbly committed to a healthier, more equitable and sustainable food system that values land, food, and the people who cultivate and eat it, regardless of race.

The Team at Farmers To You