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Feeding Each Other

May 1, 2020
Greg Georgaklis

Dear Farmers To You community,

These past couple months our families are eating meals together. Even in Vermont, where the pace of our lives tends to be slower, we are finding more time to nourish our minds and bodies, together. We feel a bit guilty asking ourselves, are these family meals the silver lining of this pandemic?

Over dinner we create positive moments by sharing a joke, telling a story or reminiscing. We strengthen bonds and find comfort in a unique and special way. It is hard to believe just a few months ago we didn’t make time for this wonderful custom every day of our lives!

There are many things that are difficult about our current situation. One of which is that we are not able to invite others into our homes. We deeply miss larger family and friend gatherings that were so much a part of our lives.

At Farmers To You we are also deeply disappointed that we aren’t able to feed all those who have reached out to us. We never dreamed we would have to turn others away from joining our table at Farmers To You. We are working hard to change that as soon as we can.

As we wonder about when we will be able to invite people into our homes again, we can still cherish our home cooked meals, family dinners, and the comfort and warmth that comes from these experiences.

We had an idea at Farmers To You that might allow each of us to share food in a different sort of way. While we can’t feed others in our homes, let us feed someone in our communities by dropping off a meal, leaving some delicious nuts at a door, or slipping a sweet to a neighbor. We can each give kindness through sustenance during this uncertain time.

May all our homes soon be places where friends meet, extended family gathers, and joyful memories are created. Until then, enjoy your magical family mealtime.

Warm wishes from Vermont,



Photo by Juan Gomez on Unsplash