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Coming to Fruition

July 3, 2020
Greg Georgaklis

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I can take the incredible bounty of our farmers and small producers for granted. This is not because I don’t understand the time and labor spent growing food, raising animals or stirring together ingredients for bread or pies. The reason could be because this time of year there is an astounding volume of cherry tomatoes, summer squash, kale and other greens coming through our Farmers To You hub each week.

I once heard that taking something for granted could mean that you have become comfortable and are trusting that this something is a regular part of your life. That you don’t have to worry that it won’t be there. The interesting thing about vegetables and fruits is that when they disappear for the season, there is another that will ripen in its place. I am lucky that fresh fruits and vegetables in some form WILL be there in my life.

At Farmers To You we build trusting and reliable relationships with farmers and producers, so it is not just the foods that are regular parts of our lives. We have a connection with the people who grow and produce our food. I feel blessed to know both the food on my plate and the first name of those that grow or raise it.

Summer is a particularly tempting time to feast and take stock of the hard work of farmers. After months of parsnips, potatoes and carrots our taste buds are ready for variety! Did you forget (like me) that just a few months ago we were waiting for the fresh greens? The young lettuce I take home each week is a salad-lover’s dream come true! 

So, I want to suggest that perhaps this week you might join me in ordering a new item or two. Savor something that you haven’t tried in a while or at all. Let’s accept and ingest the change of the season, celebrate the holiday weekend and relish the special and unique quality of vegetables and fruits.

I hope you eat as much of this early summer abundance as you can. Eat so much that you can’t wait until the next time they grow. Go ahead, bring this idea to full fruition (pun intended!).

Joni Mitchell sings, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.”  Well Joni, we will do our best to appreciate the edible gifts of the season. We will recognize how fortunate we are, even in this uncertain time, to enjoy the fruits of the farmers’ labor and be connected to the soil and land.

From Greg and all of us at Farmers To You, hoping this week (and always) you will enjoy your food, eat well and feel healthy.