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Our Promise

Blonde child eating an apple in an orchard on a sunny, fall day
October 27, 2023
Greg Georgaklis

Farmers To You is more than just a digital marketplace connecting hundreds of Vermont farmers with Boston families.

It is a caring community.
A new way of sourcing healthy, whole foods.
Built from a potent belief that a life well-lived begins with good food.
Good food that we share with our family and friends in the most intimate way.
And when that food is life giving, nutrient dense, and locally sourced, it is food as it should be.

We take our work of sourcing your family's food seriously.
We devote expertise. We are diligent. We are honest.
We make sure each of our farmers strive to meet our standards.
We do all the work to find, gather and deliver delicious food to your kitchen each week, all year.

We promise that your food is:

Local and the Freshest Possible

Your milk was in the cow two days before you received it, and your greens were harvested just after you placed your order on Sunday. That’s what we mean by fresh. Food this fresh and local is richer in nutrients and keeps longer than supermarket food. You can taste the difference!

Clean and Nutrient Dense

Our farmers and producers practice organic and regenerative agriculture and food production. Most are certified, and if they aren’t certified we make sure they are at the height of best practices in their given area of farming and food production. That always means they: grow in healthy soil, shun pesticides and herbicides, produce food with an absolute minimum of processing, and never add unnecessary preservatives. We have selected the best of the best for you — whole, healthy, clean, delicious food.

Trustworthy and Transparent

When you shop with us, you know which farm produced each and every item. You can read about the farms on our website. We believe that level of transparency is necessary for you to trust us and the food. We want you to get to know your farmer, and we encourage you to ask us (or them) questions.