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The Farmers To You Week

Each Friday, we update our site with what our farmers and producers have available for the coming week. We ask that you shop Friday at 5 pm through Sunday at midnight when our website is up to date with the latest availability.

We order from our Farmers very early in the day and we order exactly what you need - so no food goes to waste.

Let us know if you have a question about this week's order - but please understand that we can't make changes to your order this week.

Tuesday and Wednesday
We are packing your order. Expect an email Tuesday or Wednesday confirming the items we packed for you including details on variable weight items like meat.

Wednesday through Friday
We are delivering orders. Visit your pickup site during site hours or keep an eye out for your order being delivered to your home.

We are talking to our Farmers and about what is fresh and available for the coming week.

Hello Friday! The Farmers To You marketplace opens at 5 pm today. Check your inbox for our Friday Newsletter detailing our farmers products.

Saturday and Sunday
Update your order any time before Sunday at midnight. Email us at - we love to hear from our community!