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LePage Farm Barre, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

LePage Farm is a historic 7th generation Vermont Family Farm, recently transitioned to its next generation. Formerly owned and operated for over 40 years by Alan LePage, the farm is now under the management of his daughter Lila Humphries-LePage and her partner, Cameron Cahill. Lila and Cameron are committed to carrying on the legacy of growing a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers, while revitalizing the farmland and business. Located atop Beckley Hill in the heart of Barre Town, the farms 30+ acres of rolling fields look out on a stunning vista of Vermont's famous Camels Hump and the Worcester range. Its rich glacial soils lend themselves to some of the best tasting vegetables around!
While LePage Farm produce is not currently Certified Organic, the farm pioneered organic farming in principle and practice long before the certification process was established and continues to adhere to those values and standards.

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