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High Time Foods Cambridge, MA

Farmer/Producer Website

High Time Foods is a New England company dedicated to crafting nutritious, plant-based proteins, founded and operated by immigrants Aakash and Damian. Believing that to create real change, plant-based food must reflect the diverse culinary traditions of the world and be accessible to all, Damian and Aakash decided to speak directly with chefs. What could they do to help chefs around the world cook and serve plant-based food? And not just some chefs, but all chefs – even chefs who didn’t have access to electricity or refrigeration space, but who wanted to cook culturally authentic plant-based dishes that their customers could afford.

With information collected from over 50 chefs, and the support of a dynamic and passionate team, Aakash and Damian founded High Time Foods in 2021 and introduced their first product in 2022: a shelf-stable, versatile, and nutritious plant-based minced chicken alternative that could be used by all chefs, for any cuisine, anywhere in the world.

Products from High Time Foods