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Schoolhouse Farm Plainfield, VT

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Schoolhouse Farm is a small family farm in Central Vermont thatthoughtfully raises livestock in a pasture based system. The farm originally came to be when Sam Ehrenfield and Brooke Remmers bought an old schoolhouse in East Calais, VT. While they did not have enough land to raise their cows on, the generosity of a few neighbors allowed them to pasture them locally. With the help of the Vermont Land Trust, Sam and Brooke were fortunate to find a 130 acre farm to call their own just down the road! Their chicken flocks live out on beautiful pasture in mobile hen houses. Moved daily, they eat a wide variety of grasses and legumes and forage for insects in the soil. Their diet is supplemented with certified organic feed. In the winter months, the flocks live in large greenhouses alongside a large pasture area for them to peck around outside when they choose. Sam and Brooke bring the pasture to them in the form of chopped hay harvested from their fields the previous summer. Happy hens making delicious eggs.

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