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Herb Craft Middlesex, VT

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Herb Craft, originally Still Thyme Botanicals, was founded in 2016 when founder, Dejung Gewissler, was making juice-based soda in his garage in Middlesex Vermont. Gewissler's son had a friend visiting, and he had been sneezing all day. As Dejung handed the friend some homemade soda he said, "Sorry about your sniffles buddy. Next time I will make you an allergy soda." It was then that the idea for Herb Craft was born. Plants have been used for their healing properties for millennia, and apothecary sodas of the past incorporated medicinal herbs as an approach to holistic wellness. Herb Craft's goal is to revive the tradition apothecary sodas, make medicinal herbs taste good and to provide beverages and foods that nourish the body based on traditional wisdom.

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