Nutty Steph's Montpelier, VT

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Nutty Steph's is an employee owned company, making exceptional chocolate and granola in Vermont since 2003. The workers bought the company from the founder in 2019 and are now transitioning to a new company name: Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft Co., although "Steph" remains a now-equal partner on the team. The "Rabble-Rousers" work together each week to bake, pour, wrap, package and deliver obsessively fresh food. At the same time, they build community resilience by sourcing local agriculture, paying a higher wage to cocoa farmers, honoring diverse abilities in a workplace and taking political action for social progress. Make your life simple by eating what tastes good and does good! The quality of their ingredients sets them apart from other chocolate companies. Every ingredient is carefully selected to meet the highest standards of quality - they never use GMO products, strive to use organic and local ingredients whenever possible and choose to work with partners who share the same commitment to the land, the environment and a better food system as they do.Top quality chocolate and oats are the building blocks of almost all of their creations. They use cacao beans from South America, grown by farmers who own their own land. Theirorganic oats are grown in nearby Maine and are dry-rolled, which allows the oat to retain its natural properties and results in a more nutritious, more flavorful grain. They source their cream and maple syrup from Vermont farms and other specialty ingredients from a range of local and global makers in order to create the finest confections around.

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