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Sunshine Sauerkraut

Bright and tangy with a touch of sweetness from carrots and parsnips, Sunshine Sauerkraut is loaded with prebiotics and live cultures that will light up your life. Featuring fermented garlic, turmeric, ginger and onions, this kraut is packed with nutrition and great flavor.

Organic green cabbage, organic carrots, parsnips , organic onions, garlic, Celtic Sea Salt®, organic turmeric root, organic ginger root, organic black pepper
Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated.

Vermont Fermentation Adventures, Moretown, VT

Fermented foods will continue to ferment after they are packaged. Refrigeration slows the process greatly and will maintain the color, texture and flavor of veggie ferments the longest. Cold storage between 30-60 degrees Fahrenheit works well too. Remember that fermentation was one of the original methods of food preservation before refrigeration existed. Krauts and pickles would be stored in massive barrels in barns and root cellars, and it was expected that they would become more tender, tarter and perhaps mold a bit on top as they did. While perhaps not a perfect system, it allowed for pre-industrial folks to access important nutrition that they would have gone without until the next harvest. Enjoy fermented vegetables on salads, sandwiches, grain bowls or straight out of the jar! It is recommended to not heat fermented foods in order to keep the probiotics alive and receive all of the benefits.
Photo credit: Ember Photography

God, this is good.
February 10, 2022 by

Really inventive combination of tangy spices. A staple for me now.

Interesting twist
July 26, 2021 by

This was so tart. It also tasted like kimchi! but I realized as the days passed, that it became sweeter. The texture is closer to fresh slaw than to sauerkraut, so will try to cook it. It’s refreshing, quite crunchy, and tart— very tasty.