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Organic Orange Creme Gelato

A sophisticated take on the classic creamsicle. Pair it with a scoop of Larson's dark chocolate gelato for a truly sublime treat.

Organic grassfed A2A2 whole milk, Organic cane sugar, Organic egg yolk, Organic tapioca starch, Otganic Oange Extract, Organic Vanilla extract and Organic guar gum
Storage Tips

Keep Frozen

Larson Farm and Creamery, Wells, VT

Larson Farm's A2A2 Cream-Top Milk is organic milk from grassfed Jersey cows. The Larson Farm has been selectively breeding their herd of Jerseys for the A2 protein. The A2 protein can be easier to digest for people with dairy sensitivities; however, their milk, yogurt and gelato do contain lactose.

How is gelato different from American ice cream? Good question. Gelato is lower in fat content and usually has less air whipped into the mix, resulting in a heavier or denser product.

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