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9 oz

Organic Heirloom Corn Chips

9 oz

Each week All Souls fries off fresh rounds of heirloom corn chips in a blend of organic sunflower and organic corn oil, topped off with Redmond Real Salt. They make these chips from their classic heirloom corn tortillas. The tortillas are cut, then baked, fried, sprinkled with salt. They are packed in sealed bags to preserve their freshness and remain crispy for three weeks or more.

Organic Masa (Organic Corn, Water, Lime), Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Corn Oil, Salt
Storage Tips

If not eating right away, please be sure to refrigerate your chips upon receiving them.

All Souls Tortilleria, Burlington, VT

These Corn Tortilla Chips are made with nixtamalized corn - a traditional process in which the whole kernel corn is cooked in water with slaked limestone. The steeped corn kernels are stone ground into masa which is then shaped and cooked over fire to make a delicious and nutritious tortilla chip.
Made in Burlington, Vermont with an heirloom variety called Wapsie Valley (a yellow dent corn with a beautiful red flare at the base). Sourced from two family farms: Mary-Howell and Klass Martins at Lakeview Organic Grain in Pen Yann, NY and the Kenyons at Nitty Gritty Grain Co. in Charlotte, VT.
Naturally gluten-free.
Certified organic


August 7, 2022 by

These are not like any other corn chips. So fresh! These are clearly made from real food, not mass produced, over salted, and preserved to last till the next millennium. Absolutely the best, no comparison to storebought!

Thin, crisp, perfectly salted
May 1, 2022 by

These chips definitely feel a bit pricey, but they are oh so good we can't resist! They are thin, crisp and perfectly salted -- not too much. When we have a bag it's gone as soon as it is opened!