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carrot ginger kombucha bottle
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KIS Kombucha Organic Carrot Ginger Kombucha

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One of KIS Kombucha's favorite flavors, Carrot Ginger has a green tea base plus pure carrot and ginger juice. It has a beautiful, bright color and is earthy and semi-dry with a nice ginger bite to finish.

Vermont well water, organic green tea, organic carrot juice, organic ginger and raw kombucha culture

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Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated

KIS Kombucha, Groton, VT

KIS Kombucha believes in keeping it simple. They use pure, real ingredients to create a wholesome and delicious product.

Flavor perfectly leverages the sourness of the Kombucha
June 4, 2022 by

This has been our favorite flavor of all the ones we have tried on Farmers To You in that the sourness of the Kombucha enhances the carrot ginger flavor like another note in a pleasing musical chord. The only thing I wish is that we could return the bottles for deposit.