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Organic Buttermilk

Butterworks' buttermilk is light, creamy and slightly tart. It adds flavor and nutrition to a dish, or some enjoy it on it's own.

pasteurized nonfat milk, active cultures
Storage Tips

Store in the refrigerator.

Butterworks Farm, Troy, VT

Butterworks makes a wonderful cultured Buttermilk from the same milk used to make their exceptional yogurt products and is from cows that are 100% grass fed as well as organic.
This product is cultured with a lactic acid starter, and is made from jersey milk that has been flashed pasteurized and skimmed of cream.
The team at Butterworks are masters in the art of dairying. They use holistic practices to create a sustainable farm that produces some of the best dairy and grain products in New England. Butterworks was one of the first Organic Dairies in the region, and they have tended to their soil and animals in a way that assures many decades of bounty, flavor and beauty for our great grandchildren.
Certified Organic

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