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1 lb

Organic Marfax Dry Beans

1 lb

Marfax Beans are especially popular in Downeast Maine where, after being introduced by the governement during the Great Depression, they became the preferred bean in their Baked Beans recipes. They are golden brown and richly flavored, making them ideal for stews and other hearty dishes.

Storage Tips

Store in dry storage, in a plastic bag or glass jar.

Morningstar Farm, Glover, VT

**Please pick over these beans before cooking as they have been mechanically harvested and the occasional pebble may have jumped in the mix.**
These beans are grown by Morningstar Meadow farms in Glover, Vermont. Seth specializes in growing dry beans for us and does an excellent job on his hill farm. He learned much of what he knows from Jack Lazor at Butterworks Farm. Mentoring is a rich tradition up here in Vermont.
Certified Organic


January 29, 2021 by

I recently tried Marfax beans for the first time, and I really enjoyed their distinctive flavor -- sweet and nutty, almost sort of like roasted chestnuts. I wouldn't use them for a Mexican dish or any place where the goal of the beans is to be bland and pick up other flavors. Instead, use them where you want to enjoy the beans themselves -- a soup, stew, baked beans, etc. I cooked mine with a few bay leaves, which complemented them well, but they don't need a lot of herbs or other strong flavors -- they are a delicious flavor all by themselves.

December 20, 2020 by

We had never tried this bean before so we cooked them up last week. They made an awesome vegetable stew, very flavorful and a beautiful rich brown color. Definitely going into the rotation!