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5 oz

Everything Flatbread Crackers

5 oz

Inspired by Kyle's father's Long Island bagel shop, this cracker has everything. From the familiar rosemary, thyme, garlic and basil to the exotic black mustard seed and sesame, it is all in there! A schmear of cream cheese and smoked salmon will send you into an everything bagel state of bliss.
Brewer's Crackers are made with spent grains, a byproduct of beer brewing.

wheat flour, spent brewer's grain (barley, wheat), water, olive oil, sesame seeds, mustard seed, garlic, honey, yeast, thyme, rosemary, sea salt, basil, black pepper, oregano, sage Manufactured in a shared use facility. May contain trace amounts of milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, sesame, and soy.
Storage Tips

Enjoy within 12 months.

Brewer's Crackers, Somerville, MA

Brewer's Crackers recycle spent brewer's grains into a healthy, sustainable and delicious cracker that is rich in amino acids, protein, fiber and flavor.To start the brewing process, brewers steep high-quality grains, like barley, wheat and rye in water. They then strain this mixture, keeping the liquid to make beer and discarding the "spent" grains. These grains are still incredibly flavorful and the steeping process actually unlocks valuable nutrients.
Handmade by Kyle Fiasconaro who resides in the Boston area, but has started to source his grains from Zero Gravity Brewery of Burlington, Vermont and has since move his production to a kitchen in Bristol, Vermont.


March 8, 2020 by

These are so good! They are so nicely seasoned without being overly salty. I don't think I've even tried them with anything yet because I've just been eating them straight out of the container, but I'm sure they will be perfect for all kinds of cheesy and savory spreads and toppings.