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appx. 5 oz

Quinby Goat Cheese

appx. 5 oz

A delectable 5 oz brie style cheese, made from pasteurized goat's milk. Slightly tangy with a creamy texture and an edible rind. Pairs well with baguette or crackers, cured meat and olives, honey and figs or as a grilled cheese addition.
Barn First Creamery cheeses are aged in the farm's natural cave. Therefore, you may see some different mold spots from time to time.

Pasteurized goat milk, animal rennet, cultures, salt.
Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated.

Barn First Creamery, Westfield, VT

Barn First's American Alpine breed of dairy goats produce milk that has about the same fat content and protein density as cow's milk, but there are some differences. Because the fat molecules in goat's milk are smaller than they are in cow's milk, the milk isn't as likely to separate and the smaller fat molecules make the milk easier for humans to digest. In fact, a lot of people who have trouble digesting cow's milk are able to drink goat's milk. The flavor of Barn First's Goat Milk changes from season to season because of the way it is pasteurized. In the spring it's rich and sweet, in the summer the milk is floral and light, and as fall sets in the milk gets richer and you may see a little skim of cream on top. In the early winter, as snow starts to fall the goats are fed rich, second-cut hay, balsam and spruce so the milk is sweet, nutty and fatty. Then, in January and February the goats are pregnant and they take a break from milking until early spring.

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And like that the fat globules in goat milk are easier to digest for some than cow milk.