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Murasaki & Noir De Pardailhan Saute

Let these roots shine with a simple preparation to really savor their nutty, subtle sweetness.


2 T oilive oil
4 small murasaki sweet potatoes
3 noir de pardailhon turnips
salt and pepper, to taste

Wash and remove any lingering roots or nobbly bits from your turnips in particular.

Thinly slice the sweets and turnips while the oil heats in your cast iron skillet on med/med-high heat.

Add the turnips first, they will take slightly longer to cook.

After a minute or two, add the sweet potatoes and then salt generously.

Stir frequently to prevent sticking.

Cook until you have some caramelized rounds, and all of them are soft to a fork.

Enjoy as a side dish with fish or any meat or pasta, or sneak off and eat them on the sly.