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What Gets Me Up In The Morning (And keeps me up some nights)

May 11, 2018
Greg Georgaklis

We often tell you that sourcing your food from Farmers To You is for all the right reasons – but there are so many right reasons we wanted to let you know the ones that get us out of bed and hard to work each day.

The word “betrayal” comes up a lot in our conversations as we have lost trust in the brands and supermarkets that we thought we could trust to source our food for us.  We believe that we have created a truly trustworthy way to feed your family.


    • Trustworthiness – You can trust that your food is grown in the best way available – with your health and the planet’s health in mind.  We encourage you to speak to your farmers directly whenever you have any questions or doubts.
    • You get what you ask for – As you demand better quality food, your farmers are encouraged and given a powerful incentive to produce clean, healthy, trustworthy food.
    • Complete transparency – You know how the food you eat is produced and who produces it.  One Degree of Separation. Know who is feeding you.

Life has gotten so much more complicated and a heck of a lot busier – so we have created Farmers To You to make your life simpler, easier, healthier, tastier, and ultimately better.


    • A convenient, achievable step to improve your quality of life and live your values. Ours is a path – to more sustainable living achieved with simple weekly steps – that also happens to be delicious and answer the question: “What’s for dinner?”
    • We make it simple. We provide access some of the best food in the region, all year round, from the comfort of your couch. No need to search or drive long distances to find the kind of food you want for your family. We do the legwork and all the research for you.
    • Follow the flavor. Flavor is a marker for nutrition. When you cook and eat the food grown by our farmers, you taste and feel the difference. Follow us for flavor.
    • Ridiculously fresh. Our food is picked and harvested 2-4 days before you receive it. Fresh food has flavor and it lasts.

Building something better for the future for our children, and farmers, and environment is critical. This is how we leave the world better for them. I think about this every day as our current large scale food system is so damaging to the environment, our health and our communities. Local and regional healthy food systems have all but disappeared – but with your participation we can rebuild them.


    • A catalyst for a vibrant and sustainable local economy and working lands. Nearly every penny spent at FTY stays in our communities. It goes to farmers and local staff.  It goes to work building a healthy interdependent rural/urban economy and value chain. Plus three times as much of your money goes back to the farmers and the land – 60 cents on the dollar (versus 19 cent in our supermarket system). This creates economically sustainable farming and livable wages for food workers.
    • Provides a market for local farmers that supports them by partnering and reducing their workload rather than increasing it.  A market that is scaled appropriately and is committed to their success and good work.
    • Building a holistic food system increases fertility of the land and health of families and the planet. Our new system honors and encourages the craft of vibrant and sustainable farming along with stewardship of the land, soil and animals.  Ours rebuilds our lost local and regional food shed – because local food is safe, trustworthy and healthy. Ours re-connects us to the land and people who feed us.

So this is the one that gets me up in the morning – really.  Such an essentially simple and enjoyable change that can have the most profound impact. This is what I wish for and the reason why I started and continue to work on Farmers To You.  This is what I dream about!


    • Healing our planet and our families with every bit of food you purchase through Farmers To You. Conventional food production, transport and retailing creates nearly 70% of greenhouse gases emitted yearly!  Regenerative Farming, along with efficient and clean food logistics such as FTY, will not only reduce carbon emissions – it is capable of reversing them and beginning to sequester carbon on a large scale. Your Farmers To You food system can begin the healing. Food produced on healthy farms is also our best medicine.
    • Carbon lite food system – local farms to local families – less than 250 miles from the farms – to us – then to you.  No distributors, retail stores, trucking companies or warehouses.
    • Near zero waste – no food waste – we order only what you ask for – no extra to fill the shelves or encourage impulse buying. We hope you order only what you need for the week – our families report throwing away very little FTY food. Minimal packaging (as little as we can get away with and still have the food get to you in excellent condition), and much of that package goes back to the farms for reuse each week. We create less waste than a typical home each week – one bag of trash and two of recycling after feeding 800+ families!  NO food thrown away.
    • Transforming our relationship to food, health and flavor. Together we are doing this!