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The Compassion and Kindness of Our Community

November 13, 2020
Greg Georgaklis

I just must share some news, it made me smile the largest one I have in a long time. As I was putting together a report for the Board of Directors of Farmers To You, one piece of data jumped out at me: our partner families that’s you doubled your donations this year to the Barre Food Shelf.

In 2019, you donated $25,000 worth of food to the Barre Food Shelf, already a remarkable level. This year to date, the amount is (drum roll, please) … $42,000! And we haven’t even finished the year.

This speaks greatly to the compassion and kindness of our community. Neighborhoods like Barre have been hit hard by the current health and economic consequences of the pandemic. The increase in COVID cases across the country is also impacting our area. The uptick for Vermont and Massachusetts is certainly curtailing many of our traditional holiday celebrations. Any way we can create some blessings over these next couple months, especially for those who are food insecure, is important and appreciated.

To help with that, we have put together several different ways to contribute to the giving – here they are.

Another idea for community aid that we’ve talked about here at The Hub is to make a little extra food this holiday. Maybe you just make the amount that would have fed the usual larger gathering at your home. You can then take that food and give it to someone, perhaps a neighbor, that is either alone or struggling in some way this season.

We are so lucky to have access to delicious, beautiful food from our farmers. You can share this gift creatively and with kindness by buying an extra ingredient and providing it to another person or family.

I want to personally thank you for your generosity. You help make this world feel and taste better by sharing the harvest and the fruits from our tables.

With gratitude,