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Solstice Intentions

June 23, 2017
Greg Georgaklis

Twice a year there is a complete reversal of the direction and flow of energy in the natural world. Think of it as the transition we feel in our own body every time we take a breath – from the in breathing (December 21st – June 21st) to the out breath (June 21st to December 21st). What has been happening during the in-breath period is a gathering of energy, fertility and forces that build in the soils, animals, seeds and trees and then during the out breath they yield their beautiful bounty and riches. While much of that bounty has already started to show – watch how it accelerates in the next few weeks to shower us with incredible food, sweetness and beauty.

These intense pause points between breaths, also offer very special opportunities to set intentions for the coming season. I would like to ask you to join me in setting an intention for Farmers To You in the coming season that begins today – that this incredible partnership grows and matures into the prosperous, bountiful and connecting creation that it is. That we grow the number of families who source their food from our partner farmers. That we grow the number of farmers and producers who we support and who feed us. And that together we produce prosperity and bounty for all of us and make this a regenerative self-sustaining permanent part of our lives.

Thank you and happy Solstice,