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Our Gratitude for your Partnership!

Barre food shelf egg donation july 2017 cropped
July 19, 2022
Greg Georgaklis

Dear Partner,

Your incredible generosity has made our donation program an amazing success. Last year, your contributions allowed us to donate over $103,000 worth of healthy, healing food to families in need—both here in Vermont and in Boston. Moreover, your continued partnership and ordering through Farmers To You mean that we have the capacity and resources to pull off the logistics and coordination it takes to redistribute donated food. In a real way you have made this all possible twice over!

Your continued support for Farmers To You also has helped us implement a pilot food access program that I want you to know about too. We have partnered with The Vermont Food Bank, our local medical center, and the organization Green Mountain United Way to subsidize food orders for 30 families—primarily single, working mothers with children. For the duration of the program, participants receive an 80 percent discount on their weekly orders. The gratitude they have expressed has been profound. In the words of one participant, “With the price of gas and food so high, the only thing I do is go to work, eat cheap, and hope things get better. This program has offered relief and also some amazing food. So thankful."

When you support Farmers To You and our farmers with your weekly order, we are in turn able to implement our operational skills and resources in service of a healing and equitable regional foodshed. 

Our mission has always been to connect urban families with rural farmers and food producers who feed and support each other… to make this healing food accessible to all who want it. Thank you for helping us make this dream a reality for so many! I am proud to be part of this community. Our collaborative donation program is a beautiful example of the far-reaching positive consequences of our actions; of the difference we can all make by changing the way we source our families' food each week.

With immense gratitude,