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Flood Relief Update - July 20th

A group of people and goats walk in a pasture in VT on a beautiful sunny day
July 20, 2023
Greg Georgaklis

To our community:

The pain here in Vermont is palpable, and the outpouring of generosity from our families in Boston and around Vermont is deeply appreciated.

While Farmers To You did not sustain physical flood damage, our staff were unable to safely come to work, and many of our vendors were unable to deliver. The deliveries of perishable foods that we did receive were donated within days to food banks in central Vermont which were very hard hit by the flood. 

Our Go Fund Me Campaign has raised $48,000. To those who contributed, we thank you. The fundraising will end at 5 pm tomorrow (7/21) and we will distribute the money as follows and as promised:

NOFA VT Farmer Emergency Fund - $30,000+ (all additional donations  received by 5pm on 7/21 will be allocated here)

Farmers To You - $18,000

Farmers To You will use the $18K to pay our hardworking hourly staff — drivers, pick crew, warehouse workers — for the missed hours during our week of shutdown.  This is especially important given the hardship they suffered.  

Thank you again to our families and supporters both in Boston and Vermont.  Your generosity and words of concern and support are what have kept us going through a most difficult time.