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Essential Heroes

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Does Leap Farm Goats
March 27, 2020
Rebecca Brown

In times like these I ask myself – why is this happening? I know there must be a reason.

Yesterday, I was given an answer to this very question by a number of people both at Farmers To You and in my community. I’m calling them my heroes. The pharmacist’s aid, the guy at the transfer station, our incredible crew both here in Vermont and in Boston – these are all my heroes. These selfless heroics, invisible to most, are keeping us safe and healthy and are supporting the most important aspects of a healthy world.

The staff at Farmers To You, instead of being worried about themselves, are working 80-hour weeks to safely and accurately fill a record number of orders and also tell the 400 plus people on our waiting list that we don’t have the capacity at the moment but we look forward to providing them quality food as we grow to meet their needs.

Our picking crew, who despite the atmosphere of fear and isolation that surrounds us, pack your food and dance to the music. They serve with joy and inspire me always. 

Our drivers, site hosts, and Boston crew, whose overriding concern is to keep you and your food safe till you bring it home, impress me now more than ever.

And of course, our Farmers, who have been eager for more families to enjoy the good food they produce, grown close to home, in a way that cares for our planet and is good for our people. 

You are my heroes too – our Boston and Vermont families – re-discovering the gift of good food, spending time in the kitchen with your families cooking delicious, comforting, healing meals and telling us how grateful and appreciative you are.

These past couple of weeks both Vermont and Massachusetts have declared all non-essential businesses and workers to stay home. When I read down the list of what is considered essential, it is like an epiphany and revelation of invisible unsung heroes. So many people I have taken for granted.

This week, take a tiny moment to have gratitude for all our heroes – the pharmacist, the grocery store clerks, the sanitation workers, the first responders, the health care professionals, and all the people who grow, pack, transport, and deliver the food that sustains us and brings us joy every day. Look them in the eye and thank them for their heroics. And if you already do this – as I’m sure you do – do it just a bit more, for me.

Thank you,

Greg Georgaklis
Farmers To You Founder