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My holiday gift panic and solution

December 8, 2023
Greg Georgaklis

Every year I get worried about the holidays when I realize I have only a few gifts bought and many more still to get. I loathe shopping with all the other anxious people. When I get in this panic, I sometimes shop online just so I can check things off my list. But then I regret not honoring my values to support my local community by shopping local, independent businesses.

This year I am excited to give friends and family theme bundles of amazing goodies from our local farmers and producers.  I know these will be favorite gifts among my family and friends.

Why not buy gifts from the same farmers and producers who feed you all year long?  Support their extraordinary work and they will thrive. I’m going to put my money where my values are.  I hope you’ll join me and do the same.

Pick out your gift items when you shop for your groceries with us, and your holiday shopping could not be easier.  And best of all,  you don’t have to go out shopping.  Shop now and you’ll know you’ll have everything you need on time.

Need some ideas?  He’s what some of my themed gift bundles from Farmers To You will include:

  • Breakfast bundle: Square Deal Farm maple syrup, Frog Hollow Farmstead apple butter, Main Grains cracked oats, Butterfly Bakery granola
  • Chili-lovers combo: Bear Roots Farm hot salsa, Vermont Fermentation hot sauce, Butterfly Bakery Arrabbiata sauce, Kitchen Garden Farm Calabrian chili flakes
  • Pasta pantry: all from Fattoria La Vialla, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes, fusilli pasta
  • Off to the movies: Karen’s Artisan popcorn, any of our chocolates, flavored seltzers from Savoure
  • Ski bag sampler: Owl energy bars, Stony Brook maple pepitas, Boxford Bakehouse trail mix, Singing Pastures Farm meat sticks
  • Relaxation remedies: an assortment of herbal teas from Free Verse Farm and Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea, Vermont Bee Balm lip therapy gift set, Ariel’s infused honey, Wild Blossom Design beeswax candles

One last note about the holiday: Farmers To You will be closed Dec 23-28 for the holiday week.  There will be no deliveries that week.  Double up on your order (food and gifts) now, so you have all you need for the week of the 25th and New Years Eve on Sunday the 31st.  And remember, between sips of champagne on New Year’s Eve day, to place your order for the following week.

Sending well wishes and blessings for all the holidays this season,