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Pork Fat Back

Fatback is a slab of hard fat and can be used to add flavor and moisture to a myriad of dishes. Try it when cooking greens, dried beans, potatoes, in soups or stews, as charcuterie, or just slice very thin and fry for a crispy treat. Think of it as a pork version of parmesan rind. Of course this very versatile fat can also be rendered and then used to make soap, too!

Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated or frozen.

Snug Valley Farm Pork, North Haverhill, VT

Healthy animals result in healthy food. The heritage pigs of Snug Valley spend most of their lives outside on lush pasture. They have lots of room to roam, eat and play, as well as wallow and root, as only pigs can do. They get about 30% of their nutrition from fresh grasses, and the rest from high quality grain feed, a balance which is optimal for an active pig.
The result of all their activity, exercise and fresh air is some of the best tasting and healthiest pork anywhere. I was never a big pork eater growing up because it was so dry and bland. This pork is tender, moist, and a dream to cook, unlike industrially raised pork. And it also goes without saying that this pork is free of additives and so nutrient dense that the flavor is… an epiphany!

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