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You Are Amazing!

June 2, 2017
Greg Georgaklis

Does Leap Farm

When I wrote you all for help 6 weeks ago, I never could have predicted the outpouring of enthusiasm, sharing and passion so many of you have for what we have all created over the past 6 years. I am truly humbled.

We finished strong at 775 orders this week. I honestly think next week will be even better as many of you get back from travels and vacations to find the larder empty! I am not-so-secretly hoping for us to break 800!

I think the reason I am so humbled and grateful is because so many advisors and even I feared that being so honest about our situation and asking you directly for help would not work. Well, you proved all of us very wrong.

We are a community bound together by relationships and food. And while we have been focusing on your relationships to our partner farmers, you have shown us that you truly value your relationship to all of us and the people who make this new food system possible, and while not as romantic and tangible - you understand it is equally essential. Thank you!

Here are the numbers for you to ponder:

  4/3 4/10 4/17 4/24 5/1 5/8 5/15 5/22 5/29 Goal
Orders Shipped 666 659 581 703 751 720 701 742 775 850
Recurring Orders 858 860 879 910 922 924 923 971 1015 1050
Average Order $ $66.86 $79.70 $71.60 $74.40 $72.94 $73.89 70.84 70.39 69.71 $80
New Accounts 34 59 91 68 42 39 36 72 88  
New Orders 8 14 24 25 28 10 15 43 56  

Number of Orders Shipped = Actual food ordered that week and shipped to families. Our goal is to reach and maintain 850 orders per week.

Number of Active Recurring Orders = Orders in the system that could potentially become weekly orders. We would need about 1150 recurring orders to translate into 850 orders shipped due to an 18% suspension rate per week.

Average Order Size = Average price of orders in a given week.

Number of New Accounts = Number of families who create an account in a given week.

Number of New Orders = Of the new accounts, the number of families who go ahead and place an order for that week.

I will be continuing to work on finding new investors to support us. We have tentative pledges for about $50,000 out of the $150,000. So if you or anyone you know is interested in becoming an owner of Farmers To You – please send them my way! greg@farmerstoyou.com

Blessings and Gratitude to you all. It has been and continues to be such a pleasure connecting with you and bringing you your food each week. We have created a wonderful community fueled by passion for health and healthy food, motivated to heal the planet, and bound by the amazing food. In a time when we can rely less and less on our public sector to provide leadership and a compass, we are creating the world we want for our families and our children. You are all amazing and you are creating the change you want one meal at a time, one family at a time and one farmer at a time!