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What's in the Bottle?

Greg (1)
May 25, 2023
Greg Georgaklis

Dear Farmers To You Families,

You did it again! Once again, whatever you did last week to share about Farmers To You in your community made a tangible difference!  We had 19 new families join us with first time orders, we had over 30 families order after not ordering for a long time, and you all placed nice full orders too!  Keep up the great work of sharing what Farmers To You does for your family! 

If we can keep this up,  then we will be able to sustain and thrive. Together we can change our food system to one that is healing to our families, our farms and the environment.  Thank you from all of us!

Last week one of our amazing site hosts told me about a family she had a conversation with concerning milk. The family expressed concern that our milk, specifically Strafford Organic Creamery milk, was too expensive and that they could buy “the same” milk at the supermarket for less. When she asked further what they meant by the same milk, they said – oh, the one in the glass bottle. 

I have been wanting to say this for some time — glass bottles are part of the charm of Strafford Organic Creamery’s milk, but the magic is inside the bottle!  The actual milk in those other glass bottles this family was referring to is milk purchased from a large factory farm that supplies non-Organic, big supermarket brands.  Then it is bottled in glass by a local bottler called a dairy. 

The milk at Strafford Organic Creamery is entirely different. It comes from Amy and Earl’s small herd of Guernsey cows, who all have names and are like family members.  When these lovely cows are not being milked, they spend their time out on pasture soaking up the sun, eating grass and enjoying the loving care Amy and Earl and their boys provide 24/7.  They milk the cows themselves, and they bottle the milk within hours of milking in a creamery attached to the cow barn in Central Vermont.  Additionally, they take the extra effort to minimally pasteurize this beautiful milk and bottle it in shiny glass bottles (no ultra pasteurization means their milk is healthier and much more digestible).  This is definitely not the same milk as you get in the supermarket – even the stuff in fancy glass bottles (which by the way is not even organic)! Enjoy the wonderful interview I did a few years ago.

What I do know about Farmers To You families, is that they know all food is not the same.  They know that food produced by skilled and caring small farmers is different and better, and that quality is what they are seeking.  They are curious about what is in the bottle, and they know that quality is more than skin deep!  They understand that the food from our farmers is of much higher quality and it is worth the difference in price.  We love our families, and we also know that Farmers To You is not for everyone.  We are here for those who want better food, food as it should be — healing, clean and nutrient dense — because they demand that for their families and make it a top priority.

Thank you families!  It is a pleasure to share this food with you and to be a community that values food that is as good as we know it should be.