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This Farmer’s Perspective

A Farmers To You grocery bag, a glass bottle of Strafford milk, and an apple placed on a wooden porch overlooking woods that fall away to blue water
July 23, 2023
Greg Georgaklis

I am deeply heartened by the generosity and resilience of this community we have all created at Farmers To You. Together we are so strong, and if we support each other in ways that honor the gifts and talents we each bring into the world, then I’m confident we can overcome most anything and thrive! Farmers know that nature creates through interdependent relationships.

I am proud to be doing this work.

I have a simple request for each of you based on the many conversations I’ve had with our staff, our families, and our farmers this week. 

  • I ask that our farmers and producers continue to recover and produce beautiful, healthy food
  • I ask that our staff work joyfully to get this food from our farmers into the appreciative hands of our families with care, reliability, and speed
  • I ask that our families eat more, enjoy more, and order more of this healthy food just like you did last week

When we each do our part with passion, enthusiasm, and appreciation, our community inevitably becomes stronger. Ultimately, that is how we help each other in the most honoring way. That is how nature thrives, and the work of a farmer is to nurture these relationships.