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Dreams of Better Farms, Food & Health

April 6, 2018
Greg Georgaklis

Tis the season when we add a number of new items to our offerings – all in an effort to help you reduce the number of trips you make to the the supermarket. If we all shift budget dollars away from the supermarket and mass food system and towards food that’s grown locally, it supports products that are good for our health, provides a living wage for the people who create these foods, and encourages sustainable farming practices. Your purchases can revitalize local and regional farms and food producers!

Ultimately I dream of a day when 50% of all our families’ food comes from people we know and trust. Currently we’re below 10%.  I dream of a time when sustainable and regenerative farming are well on the way to healing our families and the Earth.

So instead of using Farmers To You as just another source for some of your food, why not aim to reduce the sources you use by reducing your trips to the supermarket.  Increase your purchases from Farmers To You and other local trusted sources. What the supermarket offers is cheap commodity food and 24/7 convenience.  The hidden cost of this is enormous – massive waste, industrial scale agriculture, environmental degradation, the lowest wages in our economy, and no transparency at all. This is the dark side of those cheap prices!

Plan three to four meals from our farmers or other trusted local sources each week, and purchase those foods as well as any other staples or home health items you may need. Then make only occasional trips to the supermarket to fill in the other commodity and non-food items you still need.

When we allocate more of our budget to the people who care about us and less to the faceless corporations who don’t know us and can’t tell us anything about their food, we exercise our real power to create the kind of food system we want.

Together this community of families and farmers is already making the change we want to see in the world. Thank you for all you have done so far; and thank you for helping to make my dream come true!

With Gratitude,


And the team at Farmers To You