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SideHill Farm Hawley, MA

Farmer/Producer Website

Amy Klippenstein and Paul Lacinski were taught and mentored by Butterworks Farm's Jack and Anne Lazor, so of course their yogurt making practices and products are exemplary. Their mission has always been to provide healthy, affordable food to everyone; and with help from their small crew, they refined that mission to focus on the quality of their products, the efficiency of their systems, and gratitude for all living beings and resources that support their work.

In 2020, they made the decision to focus on making cultured dairy products and leave the raising and milking of cows to neighboring humane and regenerative farms. Today, SideHill Farm produces over 6000 quarts of certified organic yogurt each week, and ships it all over Massachusetts, and into neighboring states.

Making yogurt on this small scale permits us to focus n health — not just of their customers, but of their employees, the local working rural landscape, and the robust biological and human community within which we all thrive.

Products from SideHill Farm